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Request Title# PrayersSubmitted On 
Help needed0May 11, 2017Details
Prayer request1April 28, 2017Details
miracles for touch heart1March 30, 2017Details
financial0March 27, 2017Details
*B.E.L.I.E.F.S. from P.U.S.H.E.S.!*0March 20, 2017Details
Deliverance for DG1March 17, 2017Details
Cody1February 24, 2017Details
For Brother who is near death1February 9, 2017Details
Untitled1February 7, 2017Details
Prayer Request :0January 22, 2017Details
education0January 4, 2017Details
Please pray0December 15, 2016Details
just make sure j bt and m get wants going to them0December 11, 2016Details
Married to Girija Khanna only0November 18, 2016Details
rebuild1November 8, 2016Details
Jobs4September 14, 2016Details
For a child & a job6August 11, 2016Details
prayer requests0June 25, 2016Details
Please pray for me5May 26, 2016Details
For Dad5April 3, 2016Details
Untitled5March 30, 2016Details
Health problems13February 7, 2016Details
Please pray for my friend's father10February 2, 2016Details

Help needed

Anonymous D
I am from Mumbai but i am in huge financial debt's. I am currently looking for a job in America to earn my living & clear my debts. Can you or a member of your organisation provide me a sponsorship visa to work in your country. I am willing to take up any job. Please help me... Please I am in need of a job

Prayer request

Protection prosperity miracles wisdom must be in pastor Thieringo's life in Jesus name


Joseph Lario

miracles for touch heart

heavenly father, help me, You knows my pain, You always know what was happened because You see everything a most hidden corner though God knows , I come with a broken heart, Father, You knows how long I have waited a reconcilitation and restore relations for me and him. God if you deign, please God soften and touch damianus aditya christie heart for me. I can’t touch his heart but Lord you can. please bless those who hate me, don't let their hatred on I made them proud. i always try to be strong, but to be honest I was deeply hurt. i surrender my life to you. I’m putting the disappointments, pain and my whole hope in Your hands, please make this miracle happen for me


anon anon
Holy Lord please bless Joel & Cesar. Heal them from all illness. Protect them from all evil and all enemies. Bless their home, and job and help them prosper. Amen

*B.E.L.I.E.F.S. from P.U.S.H.E.S.!*

dena--antoinette chisssssholm
*BECAUSE EMANUEL LIVES, I EXPECT FAVORS SPIRITUALLY-SUDDENLY from PRAYING UNTIL SOMETHING HAPPENS EXTRAORDINARILY SPIRITUAL!*; this wk of mar. 19-mar.25, 2017:PRAY i'll rcv. the 3 grand prz. of this state's lotto, mega millions, & power ball; but 'd 'b ETERNALLY GRATEFUL for even 1 of them!

Deliverance for DG

The Lord is faithful, and he will strengthen us and protect us from the evil one. Asking Christians around the world to pray that the evil started by PHFS will end. RH will drop all legal action against DG.


Please pray that the courts have Mercy on my son & that Karens heart is softened

For Brother who is near death

Please pray for my brother Daniel who is dying from heart & lung disease. He is in a hospital in Milwaukee.


For Dave & Sue VB marriage healing & reuniting

Prayer Request :

Rosa Maria santos
I suffer from a very severe heart disease. I have been stuck at home for more than 2 years and a half without making any little effort, always hoping that the Virgin Mary may intercede for my healig. I have a "pericardial effussion" also respiratory complications : Pleura and I'm always sweating. Have many problems and a lot of suffering within my marriage: I wear 36 years. I beg you to remember me in your prayers. Sorry for the inconveniences and may God be with you. Don't bother to answer, prayers are the most important gift, as well forgiving of my sins. Thank you very much. Rosa Maria Santos (sick).


Please pray that Dr Yogesh Souche who is my PhD referee may give a positive and good report of my thesis so that I may get my degree.

Please pray

In the name of Jesus wash the soul of Vincent Pereira, Querobina Pereira, Christabel Pereira, Girija & all souls be washed by the blood of Jesus & all soul go in heaven immediately after death. In the name of Jesus thanks for all the favours received continue them on me & my family. In the name of Jesus my daddy’s frozen shoulder get alright, my mother control her anger, my sister pass the T.Y.B.Com exam with good percentage. In the name of Jesus everyone be born normal & die a normal & peaceful death & without any diseases or sickness. In the name of Jesus name bless, protect the pope, bishops, archbishops, cardinals, deacons, priests, sisters, all who do god’s works. Mother Mary, St. Joseph, St. Anthony, St. Jude all the angels & all the saints plead & never give up on, for nothing is impossible to God, ask Abba Father, Jesus to perform this miracle that In the name Jesus I first be engaged as soon as possible & be married immediately to a simple, good looking, God fearing Catholic Spinster in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony, sealed with Jesus precious blood, two become one body with Christ, what God has joined let no man separate, who will be with me & my family in good & bad times, not be divorced, till death do us apart, the responsibility of marriage, live long, live & pray in the same house along with my parents, remain chaste for her be good like the Holy Family of Nazareth let us get two normal, healthy good looking children a son & daughter. In the name of Jesus I make a proper confession before death & be an angel in my next life to thank & praise God in his heavenly kingdom in my next life. In the name of Jesus all people accept Jesus Christ as the Lord only. In the name of Jesus all the poor people get meal everyday no one goes hungry to bed. In the name of Jesus sin be demolished from the world & everyone live happily.

just make sure j bt and m get wants going to them

No body likes jp page or BT page or m page.make sure no one passes a test or looks for driving lessons with them both useless make sure dead quite Brian might answer his phone keep me safe new friends boyfriend soon money luck and off for Xmas busy at home and house safe no more trouble 2017 a better year and holiday pay soon make sure j m bt all suffer

Married to Girija Khanna only

In Jesus name & Jesus precious Kevin Pereira (I) be sealed to / with Girija Khanna only first be engaged in this year of mercy followed by marriage in the Holy Sacrament of Matrimony in the Catholic Faith.


giselle jorge
Hi i need prayer against unforgiveness and for me to receive the Holy Spirit fully into my life. Ive been feeling depressed and lost. To jesus restore my relationship with my sister bruna, asking for her forgiveness and break her silence towards me amen. She just wont talk to me. Please let the Lord open up her lips and talk to me so i can have peace. I need the Lord to break her silence. Everyone desrves a second chance or whats the point of forgiveness? Shes making of my life like Hell. She called me names and threw her car at me. Shes just angry and thats exactly what the devil wants. Cause he knows shes my only family and wants me to live on my own all my life with no sister and no one. I just cant sleep have no peace in reason of her silence. i dont understand. I feel pain in my heart all the time missing her. I want to see her talking to me so we can work it out as adults. The whole church and the pastors want me to leave the church so it will cover up the sin we both commited together. Even tonight the pastor humiliated me in front of the whole church saying if someones sitting by the stairs or leave the church or getinside. But when others do it they dont say anything. Theyre just picking on me, hate me worried about the churchs image reputation while they stick up for her and bless her. They dont even get the anointing oil in my head but to others they do it. Theyre not acting like 1conrinthians13 at all. They are horible people. They make me feel angry when they wont allow me talking to her and treat me badly on purpose to make me look for another church so at the end of each worship i dont feel iv received anything good from god cause they treat me bad and treat bruna like an angel. I feel something really bad when i get home like if theyr cu rsing me. And im worried they made brunas mind to report me to the police. She said she did it but i dont know. Help me pray she didnt do that please. Helpp please.All i do is cry why theyr doing this to me. Pray to god to protect her and release her form a man whos getting her out of the rhuch and the presence of the holy spirit a boyfriend please. Shes hit her car because shes commit a sin inside her can with this man. Jesus already told her that but she wont listen. The devil is just anxious to kill her in that car. And help me pray for bruna to have real friends in her life, after her "best friend" the music minister found out about her sin shes got cold and turned her back on brunas, so lets pray shell have real blessed friendships cause not even jesus did that to her why a human think she should be acting like this towards bruna. And tonight her step dad threatened me showing his gun. He is crazy his sister is a witch.Please do not pray for me mostly some people are writeing to me saying theyre focusing their prayer on me. Pray for Bruna more please. She needs it more. Its her the one who wont forgive and doing horible things against me.amem.bless u all..


Mindy anon
Please pray upon our jobs to be blessed and protected. Please pray upon my family too.

For a child & a job

Kindly pray for me and my husband that we may be blessed with the gift of children. We are childless for more than 10 years. Please also pray for my husband that he may find a good job. Thank you & may God bless you! Carol Alphonso UAE

prayer requests

JoAnn Coules
Dear Brothers for Christ, Please, will you offer up 20 Masses for my intentions soon? God wills for you to call on the phone 10 other parishes outside of your diocese to offer up 20 Masses for my intentions using my name. On the internet they have limited my excess to the rest of USA lists of E-mails addresses to all the other Catholic Churches . I pray that God's Will Be Done . I would like to thank you all sew very much for all of your good help. May God bless you all always. J Coules

Please pray for me

Charles Opara
Please pray for me that our Lord Jesus Christ may bestow His divine mercy on me granting me job security; May the Lord bless my family granting upon us good health, divine protection and favours

For Dad

Please pray for my Dad who recently coughed up blood.


pattie anon
please pray for my niece Judy Sabel she has lung cancer stage 3.

Health problems

That my son-in-laws alcohol addiction may be healed

Please pray for my friend's father

Mandy Alcott
Please pray for my friend's father who has a large blood clot in his lung.
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