History of Corpus Christi Church

Photo taken by Corpus Christi parishioner Brad Weber.

Photo taken by Corpus Christi parishioner Brad Weber.

Corpus Christi Parish was established in 1873 according to diocesan records. Previous to 1886 Bakerville was part of St. John’s Parish at Marshfield.

A church was built in the summer of 1886 and was as a mission from St. John’s till 1888 when it became a mission to Hewitt and attended by Rev. Constantine Nau till the following year. The pastor of Hewitt resided a few months at Bakerville during 1889 prior to his transfer to Mosinee.

The following two years Corpus Christi parish was attended by Father Birsner, assistant to Rev. P. Geyer, pastor at Marshfield. In 1891 Father Daniels was appointed pastor of St. Michael’s, Hewitt, with Bakerville as mission. He remained in charge until he was transferred to Marathon City in 1904. His successor at Hewitt, Rev. Albert Dorrenbach, had charge of Bakerville for two years.

A residence was erected in 1906 and Rev. J. Schumacher was appointed first resident pastor. On his transfer to Auburndale in 1908, he was succeeded by Father W. Hackner. In 1910 Rev. Anthony Mueller, was appointed pastor of Corpus Christi Parish. A new school and convent was erected in 1916 and the school given in charge of the Sisters of St. Francis of La Crosse, Wis. The attendance in 1916 was 50.

Incomplete History- Anyone with info on these years please notify the parish office.

Recent Pastors:
  • Rev. Robert Houston
  • Rev. Henry Cassidy
  • Rev. Donald Berg- 1971-1972
  • Rev. William Grevatch & Rev. Peter Knippel- 1971-1978
  • Rev. Michael Meinen- 1978-1982
  • Rev. Charles Schumacher- 1982-1995
  • Rev. Robert Schaller- 1995-1998
  • Rev. Jerome Gerum- 1998-1999
  • Rev. Anthony Wolf- 1999-2004
  • Rev. Peter Manickam- 2005-2012
  • Rev. Sebastian Venni- 2012-2013
  • Rev. Savarimuthu Selvaraj- 2014-Present
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