Future Family Life Program FAQ:

How are the roofs of these buildings?

The rectory roof asphalt shingles were recently replaced with new fascia and soffit. The church roof is copper and carries a lifetime warranty. We found that the flat roof on the south end of the school was leaking. Sections of the asphalt shingles covering the majority of the school building was repaired in spots in 2015 because of the leaks. The school roof will need to be replaced in the next few years.

Why would we choose to tear the school building down rather than repair it?

Based on the findings of the building and grounds long range planning committee, and given the current status of the school building with the many major structural concerns and current issues, the cost to repair the building would be more than the cost to build a new one. .

How old is the school building?

Records indicate that the school was built in 1916, 102 years ago.

How old is the Church?

Records indicate that the church was built in 1932, 86 years ago.

How old is the furnace that currently supplies heat to the school and Church?

The furnace is 17 years old. In 2001 two cast iron boilers with industrial combustion gas burners were installed.

What are the biggest problems with the school building?

There are many large issues with the school building. Going into the cold season, the biggest issue is the boilers. We have to hope and pray that the boilers make it through this winter for two major reasons:

1) Our current contract with youth net.
2) We cannot get new furnaces installed in the church until spring of 2018.

We’ve had several repairs over the past years on the two boiler system, as well as the pipes. Last month we had a pipe replaced because it was leaking and we found yet another pipe that needs to be fixed

Aside from the furnace, what else is wrong with the school building?

Many issues with the school building stem from old age and neglect. The major the doors and windows are not energy efficient, and are also old and worn out. Some of the elements of the roof, the two chimneys, the plumbing in the bathrooms are out of order as well. The kitchen isn’t up to code, and there are leaks in the foundation of the building. There also issues with the radiator, thermostat, and asbestos insulation. There are also issues with flooring throughout the school, in addition to the overall appearance and condition of many internal and external fixtures. 

How much asbestos is in these buildings?

More than we want. We know for sure that the church has approximately $11,000 worth of asbestos. We currently have a proposal from Mavo Systems to get it removed. At this time we are not 100% sure about the amount of asbestos in the school, but based on the square footage, we are estimating the amount of asbestos in the school to be six to seven times greater than the amount in the church. 

If we tear down the school, where are we going to have parish meetings? Where would CCD Meet?

This has been discussed at length; we have looked at some options such as our church, Corpus Christi, and possibly Columbus High School. When we get to that phase, we plan to have a committee to research options, present those options, and we as a parish can decide what’s best for our needs.

How can we raise this amount of money with decreasing mass attendance?

At the time of our research, our 2016 Parish Census Roster membership is at 500. In 2015, there were 510. That is 10 less than the prior year, equivalent to a 2% decline. Adult envelopes, gifts and Bequests, including direct deposits have not changed much from 2014-2016. The amount given has risen, from 2014 to 2015 by 1.4%. From 2015-2016 there was a 7.9% increase. Positively the goal amount can be achieved. Mass attendance only reflects the collection/plate offertory amount.

Can I make a charitable donation and be recognized for my contribution?

If you choose to, absolutely!

Our gift asking form or envelope will include a box for recognition as well as a box to stay anonymous. 

What is the time frame for collecting the Future Family Life Program fundraising?

The sooner the better. We are asking for gifts through the month of November and December for 2017 year end. Our FFLP capital campaign amount given will determine the timeline of phase 2, regardless, nothing can be done on phase 2 until 80% is deposited. If our deposits fall short of our goal amount of $2,250,000.00 we will continue with the time frame. Our hopes are that our prayers will be answered in the first few months, achieving our goal.

How did you arrive at the goal of $2,250,000?

We have received estimates that total up to the goal amount.

Estimated $100,000.00 for the church furnace, asbestos removal, and required repairs.

Estimated $350,000.00 for the demolishing of the school, asbestos removal, and required repairs.

Estimated $950,000.00 for the new building, architect, construction and inspection.

Estimated $450,000.00 for heating and air, public address system, flooring, furnace, bathrooms, wall dividers, and a state-of-the-art kitchen.

Estimated $400,000.00 for miscellaneous repair and maintenance and upkeep foreseen for the next 10 years.