Thank you for your interest in the Future Family Life Program!

We recently began our future Family Life program here at Sacred Heart Parish. This program will help our parish grow and will enhance our teaching the word of God now and to future families. Our plan is to install an independent heating system in our church, repair or demolish the current school building, and build a place for worship, education, and social gatherings for the future of Sacred Heart Parish.




Our goal amount is $2,250,000.

During this gift giving campaign we asked you and your family to consider an amount up and above your current financial support. We are blessed and thankful that we can rely on your assistance. It is always difficult asking for money. We understand every family’s financial situation is different. We are hopeful our prayers will be answered and we can achieve this goal amount before the end of the calendar year. We are asking for your Future Family Life Program gift amount to be in the parish office by December 29, 2017 at noon for year-end recording.