Future Family

Thank you for your interest in the Future Family Life Program!


The Future Family Life Program (FFLP) was created to help our parishioners grow in faith and to enhance the lives of current and future families as they grow in the Catholic faith.

Our plan consisted of three phases:

  • Install an independent heating system in the church
  • Demolish the old school building
  • Construct a place for education, meetings and social gatherings.

The first and second phases have been completed.  Architectural plans for a new building have been completed and submitted to the State for approval.  The Diocese of La Crosse must approve the plans and then bids can be solicited.  When we have 80% of the money necessary to build, the Diocese will grant us approval to begin construction on our new building.

We are continuing in our fundraising efforts.  We ask that you and your family carefully consider your donation and join us in praying for the success of our new program.