History of the Sacred Heart Building and Grounds Committee

Our History

Sacred Heart Building and Grounds Long Range Planning Committee

In February of 2017, Fr. Savari appointed Pat Mancl, Dave Egner, Joe Hill and Dennis Wolf to the Sacred Heart Buildings & Grounds – Long Range Planning committee. The committee met with the Finance Council to decide on a program best suited for the future of Sacred Heart. It was agreed upon that the committee should have two major objectives:

Objective #1

To develop a profile of our buildings and grounds, identify the current status, report immediate needs and repairs, and estimate costs associated with maintaining the assets of our parish.

Objective #2

Establish a short-term and long-term report card. To look at our buildings and grounds in a 1-year, 2-year, 5-year, 10-year and 15-year trend. To tie Financial price tags to the report card for finance Council to reference. To use that information to determine what is the best for Sacred Heart Parish today and for years to come.

In March of 2017 the buildings and grounds long range planning committee toured the three buildings of Sacred Heart Parish. It was found that the rectory / parish office building is in pretty good shape. Repairs have been made throughout the years to keep that structure modern without any immediate issues or concerns. The church building at Sacred Heart was found to be okay from a structure standpoint. Windows and roof have been kept modern. There were a few cosmetic issues found on the exterior of the church building but nothing major. One major concern was noted with the church building – there is no furnace and no direct water service. The heating and water for the church building comes from the school, through an underground service crawl space. The third structure of Sacred Heart parish is the school building. The committee identified many major concerns and several immediate issues with the school. In April the buildings and grounds long-term planning committee presented those major concerns and immediate issues to the finance Council.

Based on the findings of the buildings and grounds long-term planning committee the following 3 recommendations were made:

1) Separate the church building from the school building. Lift the dependency of the two buildings tied to one heat source, the 2 boiler system in school basement.

2) Maintain the school building through August of 2018 for the Youth net program.

3) Demolish the school building and/or build a new Fellowship educational Hall.


In August of 2017 Sacred Heart Parish received a letter from the Diocese of LaCrosse on behalf of Bishop Callahan, responding to our request to initiate fundraising for a capital campaign project. This project is for installation of a new furnace in the church as well as repairs for the school or a potential demolition of the school in order to build a new Parish Hall.